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sNuts – Quality meets experience.




sNuts – Quality meets experience.


sNuts. About us.

      sNuts is among leading companies specializing
in walnuts and export. Premium supplier and service provider of nuts and kernels. Active throughout Europe. Founded 2016 in Austria with more than 15 years of expertise in the area of processing and wholesale of nuts.


Our walnut production

We are among the leading walnut processing and export companies thanks to our ISO certified  production facility. 250 farmers cultivate our walnuts without pesticides and fertilizers and are harvested once a year.

Our sourcing and our processing quality distinguishes sNuts and sets us apart. This is why we cater more than 2000 tons of walnut kernels per season to our customers. Get your sample of walnuts or pumpkin seeds and let our quality do the rest. We do wholesale supply throughout Europe.



Premium Walnuts.
Naturally rank grown and organic.

Available in variable fractions and colors.


Premium Walnuts.
Naturally rank grown and organic.

Available in variable fractions and colors.


Our range of products

In addition to walnuts we offer among others pine kernels, cashew, pistachios and hazelnuts.

Premium Walnuts

We offer Walnut kernels in different
fractions and colors:



Exclusively halves of walnut kernels. Cleaned and divided into 4 categories according to colour and storage.

-EXTRA (light-gold, very tender bite, slightly nutty) 

-LIGHT (brown-gold, soft bite, nutty and slightly bitter)

-LIGHT AMBER (mahagony, firm bite, nutty and bitter)

-AMBER (rich  walnut -color, firm bite, intense nutty and bitter)




Exclusively quarter walnuts 8+ mm, cleanedand divided in 4 categories according to colour and storage.

– EXTRA( light-gold, very tender bite, slightly nutty)

–  LIGHT (brown-Gold, soft bite, nutty and slightly bitter)

–  LIGHT AMBER (mahagony, firm bite, nutty and bitter )

–  AMBER (rich walnut-color, firm bite, intense nutty and bitter)





 Size of walnut pieces vary from 4 to 8 mm , result from the selection of halves and quarter nuts. Sorted in 2 categories according to colour and storage: 

  – LIGHT (a mixture of  "extra" and "light" sorted pieces) 

–  AMBER (a mixture of "light amber" and "amber" sorted pieces) 


Whole Nut

   We also deliver whole nuts in Shell. We offer 3 categories

– size 28+ mm

– size 30+ mm

– size 32+ mm


 Pine Kernels

Pay attention- Depending on it's region the flavour of pine nuts varies. While in China and Korea the seeds taste is not very strong, pakistani pine nuts are particularly spicy. Those from Spain or Portugal have a resinous flavor. Italian Mediterranean pine nuts are much finer and creamier.

We offer pine kernels and cedar nuts.




In tropical climates the cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale), which is a member of the family Sumac (Anacardiaceae), grows and bears cashew and cashew kernels. The name derives from the Portuguese word Caju or also Cajueiro from the indigenous Tupi language Acaju “kidney tree” most likely because of the shape of the cores.

We offer Cashews W240, W320 and LWP.





Pistachio (Pistacia) is a genus of about ten to twelve species of the family Sumac (Anacardiaceae).

We offer pistaccios in shell and peeled pistaccios. 



The origin of the hazelnut is from the coast of the black sea. Apart from that it is known and used for millennia in China. 

We offer hazelnuts diced, haselnuts flour, hazelnuts natural and hazelnuts blanched


More about us?

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.